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How to Root a San Pedro Cactus Cutting

San Pedro Cactus: When attempting to propagate any succulent plant from a cutting, it is necessary to allow a callous to form over the cut edge before attempting to root it, and this callous will form in just a few days for small cuttings, while larger cuttings may take up to several months. The San Pedro cactus propagates very easily from such cuttings, and successfully produces new cactus plants without difficulty.


Step 1

First choose a healthy San Pedro cactus as parent to ensure a good quality cutting. Wearing protective gloves, cut a section of the cactus with a strong knife or handsaw, ensuring that the cut angle will not allow rainwater to collect in the parent cactus to rot it out.

Step 2

Place your cutting in a cool, dry area out of the direct sunlight, and if possible maintain it in a vertical orientation, so that the roots will continue to grow out the sides of the stalk. When you see a callous form over the cut edge, you're ready for the next step.

Step 3

Once the cut edge of your San Pedro cactus exhibits a thick callous, place it in a growing pot with clean sand, ensuring that it's at least 2 inches into the growing medium, and for larger cuts you should place it between 3 and 4 inches into the sand. Place two wooden stakes on either side of the cactus, and attach it to the stakes for support. At this time water the cutting thoroughly, and leave the plant out of direct sunlight for at least a month to allow roots to become established.

Step 4

As the sand dries out, water the plant thoroughly, but only once you observe sand is completely dry, otherwise you can rot out any roots which are forming.

Step 5

After a month or so has passed, check for root development by gently tugging on the cutting. If you can sense resistance to your tugging, this is a good sign that roots have formed. If you can't quite tell by this method, look for swelling around the stalk, which indicates that the roots are absorbing water and feeding the cactus plant itself.

Step 6

The wooden stakes can now be removed, and you can allow the cactus to grow to whatever height you choose, before transplanting into your garden setting. If you intend to maintain your San Pedro cactus in an indoor setting, transplant the new cactus plant into a suitable growing medium, and place it in an area of the home where it is sure to receive direct sunlight.