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About San Pedro Cactus

San Pedro is one of the best choices for a landscaping cactus

1) Fastest growing, spreading column like specimens. In a few years you can have towering tree size plants where other varieties of cactus would take decades to reach that size.

2) Safe to use around pets and children. The small spines (thorns to most people) are virtually harmless. Varieties such as barrel cactus, prickly pears, etc. can seriously injure a child or dog.

3) Large, beautiful, fragrant flowers. A large stand of San Pedro can flower with so much spectacle that people will stop to take photos.

4) Cold hardy. Unlike many succulents that can be damaged by frost, San Pedro will be uninjured by temperatures in the low 20s.

5) Easy to grow and propagate. One established you can take cuttings and root them in sandy soil. That way you can speed up landscaping an entire property line, or driveway for an impressive southwestern decor.
Some people may be concerned that San Pedro contain trace amounts of poisonous alkaloids including mescaline. However, this is a natural aspect of many cactus—not just San Pedro! There are dozens of other such plants. Nature produces these bitter tasting substances to prevent insects & animals from eating them. I have never seen insect damage and rarely any rodent damage to San Pedro.